Intoxicated lucidity

In the remnants of intoxication, I lie... Wide awake with the hollow space that is my mind. As my thoughts drift to unspoken territories, I wonder... what if... that attempt of futility, that attempt at another life, that attempt at reforming, was all in vain?   Alone. Independent. Free. Yet I am here... unaware that… Continue reading Intoxicated lucidity


Intoxicated Clarity

As I lay here in the dark, engulfed by the cold air, pouring from a man-made wonder that is stupendous and yet questionable, I think... What am I really doing here? Bound by restrictions of the mind, body and soul. Is this liberation? What am I really doing here? Unable to guide my mind towards… Continue reading Intoxicated Clarity

The Misconstrued Tale of a Girl from a ‘Progressive’ Family

I can now proudly say that I have knocked off yet another, on my sanctimonious matrimonial list of men. In my triumphs over the past two years, I am tempted to add that this, perhaps the worst.  Albeit, my opinion might change when the next one comes along! I am now seven feet under. Now,… Continue reading The Misconstrued Tale of a Girl from a ‘Progressive’ Family

Us, Hindi Speaking Madrasis

Hindi Imposition. The topic of the decade here in Chennai. I guess you could say it started when a popular stand up comedian came up with a sketch about why we 'Madrasis' don't feel the need to speak hindi. All I could think were two words. Vicarious Cleansing. That's what I felt. Like all the… Continue reading Us, Hindi Speaking Madrasis