An Eternity of Silence

I sat across the table from him and saw those eyes. Mockery and menace alike, Come hither, he said. Unable to break away, I pulled closer. Tell me… who are you?, he said His tantalizing words sank into my soul And like a child on Veritaserum, the words poured out of me. Halfway through my […]

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Encounters in Graphic Design

As I enter my fourth year in the field of Graphic Design, I decided to commemorate it by pinning down some of my encounters with the third kind. To be in a diverse field such as this is a blessing indeed. But like any other profession, it has come with its fair share of amusement, […]

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The Age of Social Media

Have you ever just thought that we spend all our lives trying to be somebody? Trying to get somewhere? Welcome to my Social Media Rant. (yes, with a capital R. Because this is just the beginning… 😉 The number of social media apps that have come up over the last few years is entralling. Each, […]

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To friends, who are family

 As the clouds part to make way for the sun, mighty, glorious and beaming, may its rays fill your life with endless possibilities.   As your ship sets sail in the stormy sea that is life, may the overwhelming force of the wind, guide you to a much needed destination.   As the stars find […]

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To Appa, with love

It’s been 63 years since you, Appa, made this planet your home. Why do I make it sound like you’re an alien, you ask? I am about to describe exactly that. I am hardly one of those people that loves public display of affection so I must draw attention to the purpose of this post. […]

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The Handmaid’s Tale

“All power is relative, and in tough times any amount is seen as better than none.” I write this as I finish swiping through to the last page of this glorious piece of literature. This book has made me feel many things. It made me consider shutting it down. It made me wipe a tear […]

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Intoxicated Intelligibility

As I suffocate under the constraints of society, I am fine. When the snow falls on the fire burning inside me, I am fine. When the hot iron rods of judgement fall on the delicate mind, I am fine. When my memory binds itself with the savage words of others, I am fine. When gratification […]

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