This moment

In the wee hours of morning, the thought arose.. Was it really worth it? The punctured wing… The broken leg… The severed tail… The injured mind Did it all just lead to this moment? Was this very moment not a dance of destiny but a tryst with Karma? Be that as it may… what was left in its […]

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A whiff of existential despair

We start from nothing, And end with nothing So much of what we are in between is lost, Built and broken from opinions, suggestions and judgement of others. Many a time we loose our way, Just hoping that somewhere along this lost path, we ll find the road again. Never realising the eventuality of that […]

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In the middle of somewhere

It was one of those days… She was up all night.. thinking how differently could things have happened Tossing, turning and pondering The first drop rolled onto her hand, dissolving into the depth of uncertainty, evaporating from the scorching heat. She didn’t know when it was going to end. It was a mirage in the […]

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June of 2016. It actually started off as a passing remark in my friends car one night when he had said he was going to go for the Coldplay concert in London. Why don’t you come along he said. My first reaction genuine laughter. My dad was never going to go for it.. he ll […]

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Ancient Egypt – Part 2

Continuing the other highlights of the trip : The Nile Cruise and the Felluca Ride  The cruise along the Nile was a totally different experience. Since it was my first cruise, it took a while before I could orient myself with that feeling of movement on water. Something about it felt surreal. And then my […]

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Ancient Egypt – Part 1

June 2017 It had been about three months since I had begun my journey as a freelance graphic designer. After the life changer that was England (June 2016), I had promised myself I would step out of my country atleast once every year, to breathe in just a tad bit more of the world, to […]

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Paati – for me

Originally posted on Maya – Craving to Create:
Apart from all the projections I had developed about her over a long period of time, due to emotional games my mind played, I remember her being a perfect example of the perfect, respectable Tamil brahmin lady. Large red vermillion circle in the middle of her forehead…

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