The never ending list of hilarious things in tamizh

Shaniyan ah tooki, baniyan la poodu Summa varuvala Sugumari, teriyum vidura somari Jetti kul jalsa Jillunu kaathu, jennala saathu Sori pudicha nari, onakku vekkaren da pori Badi ellam develop panna mudiyaathu, veetuku pogambothu vaangitu venumna pogalam Idhu midnight man, Peinga Duyet paadra tiyum Silluthu poi Sibiraj padam paakaporen Sarvadesa mudiyuthir nilayam Khatron ke khilladi – […]

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To those gone

To those who were lost to their own cities, To those ignored with the excuse of adulthood To those that fell apart with the excuse of marriage To those separated with ideological heterogeneity To those lost to intolerant biases To those broken with bitter words and angered curses To those caught in conflicted loyalties To […]

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Pain of memory

The memory of those words hover over me Slowly boiling inside, blood and sweat alike reminding me of new details everyday, her condescension, her tone, her unbelievable conviction I remember it like it was yesterday, and each time I relive them I wonder, Was it because of the trust that was shattered or was it […]

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“Free thinking” Double standards

Interesting conversation today – I happened to find this place called Lucky Plaza in Singapore. Those of you that are familiar with Singapore would definitely know of this – the Sarojini nagar of SG. The hub of thrift stores and cheap clothes from China and export rejects from elsewhere. Knowing my middle class mentality, I […]

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Lying down alone in a strangely alien country, I thought of you.. I would soon leave this country, back home. To the city where we first met, but would it ever be the same? I remember a few 100 years ago, when you first came to that little place in Adyar I Was nervous, it […]

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India – my heart

You taught me how to love, You gave me an identity, unlike any other You taught me my culture, unique and unparalelled You gave me a way of life – a beginning to a spiritual journey You gave me food that made my heart and my soul happy India, everyday I am away, you remain […]

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Sima Auntie from Mumbai

I am not going to lie, I am definitely one of those people that instantly watches something that the world is raving about – provided it is in the genre that I usually like. So it is not surprising that I ended up watching this too! I had put it away for a long time […]

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How I learnt about sex and power

The darkness engulfed her Somehow it didn’t feel different, odd, or foreign But in this darkness, her body would never be the same again She sat down, in what felt like a familiar space, with a familiar face That was all it was. But little did she know, it would change everything It all started […]

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I am not one that usually has this much to say about celebrity deaths – but this was one that deeply affected me. Sushant Singh Rajput. The last few years, after the arrival of online platforms like netflix, prime and hotstar, we have seen content from people other that the top names in bollywood. Sushanth […]

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An intense year to say the least. It’s only been a few months and so much has happened. Somehow the internet is so much more exhausting than it ever was. Somehow the travel bloggers and the stylists seem so much more tolerable now. The CAA, Covid, migrant workers, Elephants, George Floyd, the many many more […]

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